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To think that almost a year ago, producing this movie was just a thought… We’ve had a number of obstacles to overcome, but in the end passion and preserverence always prevails.

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musicaddictand: you know how Naya fans are called Nayaholics, Darren fans are called Darrenatics, and Jacob Artist fans Artistics? Do Blake Jenner fans have such a labeling?

I don’t think so? Then again, I’m not too hip on what fans call themselves so maybe.

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Anonymous: how many people run this account?


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Anonymous: when you tagged the newbies gif set 'so dumb' is that a bad thing as if the scene were dumb?

No, I didn’t mean the scene was dumb. I tagged it ‘so dumb’ because it think it’s dumb that they’re just dropping the Glee Club side of things. Yeah, yeah we read the “reason” behind it and whatever else but tbh, I don’t think they even tried to figure out a way to keep it. As soon as Cory passed they gave up and basically concentrated on Lea Michele and Rachel’s side - and Santana and Kurt, they’re favorites etc - and didn’t even give the newbies a chance. Started repeating storylines, gave up on character arcs blah blah blah. And it’s just dumb.

Plus, because of the switch to just being in NY, Blake, Melissa, Becca, Jacob, and Alex are all loosing out of a job because of it. They got signed to main cast members at the beginning and than now, now they’re basically just getting pushed to the curb.

All I hope is they find amazing jobs after this, one’s that appreciate their talents and what not. (I mean, Blake and Melissa got their movie (movies if is Melissa and another TV series for Blake but still, so dumb.))

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Blake Jenner has been cast in New Line’s Crawlspace. Michael Vartan stars a widower with a daughter who gets remarried and, after a rough patch of unemployment, gets the chance for a new start in a new house in the suburbs. But the house has a dark secret. Jenner will play Tommy, who discovers the horrors hidden within the house’s walls. Principal photography was set to begin today in Los Angeles. Jenner is a regular on Fox’s Glee, following his Season 2 win on The Glee Project. He is repped by Mosaic and CAA.

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